Third Party Visualization Inspection


Buying a home is one of the biggest investment someone will make in their life. It only makes sense to protect this investment and truly understand the way your home functions. By understanding how your home functions will provide the homeowner with invaluable knowledge on how to preserve their home.


EST Insulation conducts full and thorough visual inspections to all spaces of the home. This includes attic, knee wall, crawl, wall, floor, and living spaces. We are experts in identifying present and potential problems that are occurring.


This service will provide the home owner with a more detailed and visual report compared to other home inspections. With our report it will help the home owner prioritize their homes needs and services that need to be completed to conserve the homes structural integrity and improve the homes energy efficiency.


Active Attic Mold

Attic Installs/Removals


When we do attic installs we are not just going up into your attic and blowing our insulation on top of the older insulation and walking away. Our goal for each and every attic is to seal, protect, and insulate.


Air sealing the many thermal bypasses throughout the attic space lowers the rate in which the living space air escapes to the attic space.  The way we protect the attic space is by making sure the attic space is properly ventilated, all can light fixtures are changed to LED fixtures, and all bath fans are venting properly outside. Once when we have sealed and protected the attic space, we then insulate the space to an R-49 insulation rating with cellulose insulation.



Spray Foam and Cellulose insulation

Crawl Space Installs/Removals

The most common way other companies will insulate a crawl space is displayed in the top picture. They will insulate the ceiling of the crawl space and allow the crawl space foundation vents to introduce outside air to the space. As you can see over time the brutal climate zone of Northern Ohio will destroy the insulation and soon introduce the outside air to the living space.


The way EST properly insulates crawl spaces is to completely seal all of the exterior walls of the crawl space with spray foam and line the floor with a high quality vapor barrier. This technique provides the space with a complete seal from the exterior elements and allows the crawl to communicate with the living space above it to eliminate the room from being cold in the winter and hot in the summer.


Air Seal Thermal Bypasses

Having ALL of the thermal bypasses sealed throughout the attic space before the insulation is installed will drastically decrease the rate in which your living space air will infiltrate the attic space.